Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Potential blurb for Eaglet - thoughts?

I am hard at work getting Eaglet ready for its December debut. It still has no title (although I'm getting closer!) but here's my current draft of its back-cover description. Comments are welcome! Would you read a book with this description? Why or why not?
I open my eyes the morning after my best friend's seventeenth birthday to find myself in bed. With a strange man. Naked. I don't know how I got here, and when he calls me Kate I don't even know if that's my name.

To make matters worse, we soon realize I've forgotten the last fifteen years of my life. He tries to help me find out who I am and where I belong, but soon I'm longing to belong with him. If we manage to unlock the secrets of my past, will I like what I find? Will I still be Kate?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Anonymous said...

There is something really moving about this... the tone. It's almost like a letter, I feel that Kate is confiding in me and I would love to read a book like that.

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