Friday, October 12, 2007

I've really emerged now

My earlier "I'm emerging from the cold" was premature. I guess it heard me and decided it liked me too much to leave right then. But it's moved on now, to some other unsuspecting sucker, and I am now able to walk across the apartment without requiring an oxygen mask at the other end. So that's good.

My critique partners have begun commenting on my latest novel. They like the story and the style, but feel I need to include more characterization. So I'll be working on that for the next few weeks at least (I find it far easier to do the "full-time writer" thing while editing than while writing... not sure why, but there it is) and then it's submission time!

My novel is called "Sand, Surf, and Nine Ex-Boyfriends", and it's the story of an intensely private woman whose plans to find a man on a reality dating show are derailed when the show dumps her and nine of her ex-boyfriends on an island and forces them to compete with a man and his ex-girlfriends to win a million dollars.

It's a lot of fun, but also looks at how hard it is to open up to love. I adore it, and I hope agents will feel the same way!



Edie Ramer said...

Heather, I'm on Karin's first lines contest. I like your lines better each week. I just read your blurb, and love the idea!

Heather Wardell said...

Thank you so much, Edie! I hope the judges like them too. :)

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