Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Seven" gets a bit more love!

Agent Jessica Faust has been doing query critiques on her blog. I like reading them and then trying to decide how I feel about the query before I read her comments.

I didn't think I'd submitted mine, but today it came up. (Scared the stuffing out of me - how'd my name get here?? :)

She liked the concept but didn't think I needed to include my second paragraph. I suffer from a terrible need to tell all about the book right away, and that second paragraph is a prime example.

Still, guess who's moved up a little bit on the 'who to query with the novel once it's polished' list?

On a different topic, I do NOT want this to be the kind of blog where I do nothing but blather on about my successes (or failures - those are equally annoying blogs). I am still seeking a purpose for the blog that goes beyond that. Will ponder.

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Paprikapink said...

Hi Heather,

Scrolling through the (over 300!) entries at Nathan's First Page Challenge, yours caught me. What a great premise! Good luck with it!

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