Monday, February 4, 2008

101 in 1001

I had a list like this in the past, but basically did all the things I wanted to and was left with the stuff I felt I 'should' have put on the list. So this time the list is stuff I truly want to do.

I'm considering today my start day even though the list isn't quite finished, because it makes my end date Nov 1, 2010, and I like the first of the month. :)

1. Read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"
2. Save $1 for each completed item then buy something amazing at the end.
3. Read at least three Jane Austen and/or Bronte sister novels.
4. Read at least one hundred authors new to me. (0/100)
5. Go to Toronto Symphony concert by myself.
6. Get folding sunglasses for my purse.
7. Read one newly released book a month and review it on my blog. (0/33)
8. Buy a black leather jacket.
9. Complete a writing career plan.
10. Write a letter to myself, to be opened on the last day of this challenge.
11. Pick a list of "100 books to read before you die" and read 50 of them (0/50)
12. Do a self breast exam monthly. (0/33)
13. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy. (0/100)
14. Make a list of 100 things I like about myself. (0/100)
15. Fix my wooden polar bear necklace.
16. Get rid of 50 useless items. (0/50)
17. Sew myself a skirt.
18. Run a sub-30 minute 5K.
19. Sell something I've made on eBay.
20. Make three crocheted string bags and keep them in the car for groceries. (1/3)
21. Go to a farmers' market.
22. Go strawberry picking.
23. Donate forty crocheted/knitted pet snuggles to the Humane Society. (0/40)
24. Wear a sweater I have knitted to Christmas 2008.
25. Read the entire Dark Tower series (book 1 already complete).
26. Write a scene with a car chase.
27. Write a sex scene. Do not hold back.
28. Admit I'm never going to learn to type properly because I like impressing people with my speed with two fingers on each hand.
29. Apply to Wheel of Fortune.
30. Be an extra in a movie or TV show.
31. Become conversationally fluent in French.
32. Become photogenic.
33. Clean out under the bed so there's nothing stored there.
34. Climb the stairs of the CN Tower.
35. Compete in the Kiwanis Music Festival.
36. Cry until I'm dry.
37. Daily tell Wes something that I appreciate about him for at least a month.
38. Develop a sense of direction.
39. Donate fifteen books to
40. Eat no meat for a week.
41. Finish my "Cats Rule" cross-stitch.
42. Finish the wedding quilt.
43. For one week, wear nothing black.
44. Give Mum a dozen red roses and tell her you love her.
45. Go to Casa Loma.
46. Go to Churchill or the polar bear sanctuary in Ontario. Take many pictures.
47. Go to Kuwait to visit Tanya. Try everything I can get my hands on.
48. Go to New York with Holly and/or Wes.
49. Go to Paris. See the Eiffel Tower at night.
50. Go to the Art Gallery of Ontario for a day.
51. Go two weeks without swearing. Up the ante!
52. Going through the Tim's drivethrough, pay for myself and the car behind me.
53. Have a collection of cacti & succulents.
54. Have a family portrait taken after I lose weight.
55. Have a spa day, at a spa or at home, with Tanya and Sarah.
56. Have all the hidden areas in the house purged and organized.
57. Have dinner in the revolving restaurant of the CN tower.
58. Have visible six-pack abs.
59. Host and play in a murder mystery game I didn't write.
60. Knit something for myself or the cats.
61. Learn a few good magic tricks. Use 'em!
62. Learn how to use my watch as a compass.
63. Learn inventive, non-rude, curses. Use instead of swear words.
64. Learn my tarot cards and several good layouts. Practice at least once a month.
65. Learn three jokes that get laughs every time.
66. Learn to drive a manual transmission.
67. Make a household inventory.
68. Make a loaf of bread completely from scratch (banana bread doesn't count!).
69. Make leek soup. Eat it all.
70. Make sure Wes and I have our wills up to date.
71. Meditate every morning for a week.
72. Play in an orchestra concert.
73. Play poker in a live casino.
74. Play scrabble without using real words. All words must sound phonetically and have a meaning that are made up and can be quoted to other players.
75. Read an Oprah's book club pick. Refrain from muttering about Oprah. Figure out why she picked the book.
76. Read three of Shakespeare's plays.
77. Reread Jennifer Louden's books that are meant to be read right through.
78. Ride the "drop coaster" in England. (
79. Run a marathon with only the scheduled walk breaks without extending those breaks.
80. Scuba dive again.
81. Spend a day at the zoo watching the polar bears, on a day when it's cold enough for them to be a bit active.
82. Take a cruise that goes over at least one night.
83. Take a trip to an aquarium.
84. Take an overnight train trip somewhere.
85. Take pictures in a photo booth. Keep them no matter how lame they are.
86. Throw a valentine's day party.
87. Try a fruit I've never tried before.
88. Try five new dinner recipes in one week.
89. Write and mail at least five thank-you letters or general happy letters (anonymous or otherwise).
90 - 101. To come soon!

If you have any ideas for me, let me know. :)
(Perhaps 'learn to cut and paste without pasting multiple copies of stuff' should be on the list? :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's an amazing start! You have some really cool goals there, and I'm not talking just about the big ones (the Timmy's one is great, never would have thought of that, but if I see you there, I'll let you cut in front of me anytime :)


Paprikapink said...

I'm embarrassed to admit noticing this...what kind of a nerd reads someone else's list of 101 things all the way through?...but anyway, did you purposely make it go to 89 and then start over again at 1 and go to 90?

Heather Wardell said...


It would appear I hit 'paste' twice. Oopsies. Will fix.

And as for what kind of nerd reads the list all the way through... I've read about twenty lists in making my own, so whatever kind of nerd it is, I'm it twenty times over. :)


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