Sunday, May 4, 2008

101 Update: May 4, 2008

As I often do, I seem to have over-scheduled myself just a touch this week. I DID get tons done on Raoul, which was great, but some of the other tasks sort of fell by the wayside. I will pick them up and move on. :)

Last week's 101 tasks and their status:

YES, I got my total to 50000. 50020, to be exact. I am a master of words. (Actually, I AM surprised at the extent of my vocabulary - and at how many words I know because of novels I've read.)
YES, I added ten things to my lists: about me (task #2), that make me happy (#4), and that I like about myself (#5).
YES, I am able to play all notes for the band concert which takes place this afternoon. We will see how it goes - generally speaking I nail all the tough parts and screw up something my cat could handle, but we'll see. :)
YES, I read another author new to me. YES, I reviewed it - see it at The Book Book Blog.
YES, I knit each day. I had a breakthrough... literally between one stitch and the next, my knitting became so much more fluid. The purl stitch is still a challenge but even that's better.
YES, I did week one of the Artist's Way book.
YES, I did private item #98 each day.
YES, I did private item #101 once.

NO, I did not volunteer with the elementary school band, but they didn't need me, so that doesn't really count as a missed task.
NO, I didn't focus on cutting 3500 calories. But I know why, so that's good.

Essentially, I set my weight goal badly. I set it for a number that I have never seen on the scale, and my mental dialogue goes something like, "I weigh X pounds, unless I can't get there", which isn't actually conducive to getting there. So I'm now doing shorter-term goals, current weight minus 10 pounds, and I'll keep doing those until get to where I feel comfortable.

In other life areas, I was to write the rough draft of my May article for Computing Unplugged, clean out the hall closet and the laundry room/closet, and continue to refine and build on the outline for Raoul. I did Raoul, but that was it. The other two are back on for this week.

Still, a really good week. :)

For the 101 tasks this week:
#1: I will get my freerice total to 62000.
#26: Donate another ten items to charity.
#44: Read another author new to me, and review the book.
#55: Knit each day, at least two rows.
#65: Think before I eat.
#89: Complete Week Two of the Artist's Way book's program.
#98: This private item is a daily task, so I should do it seven times this week.
#101: Do this private item once.

I will also:
- keep working on Raoul
- write my Computing Unplugged article
- take care of the hall closet and laundry room/closet

I've just realized I've cleared out most of the easier tasks from the 101 list... the rest of them either involve other people or involve more work, but I will keep plugging away. Still have quite a bit of time. :)

See you next week!

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