Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 2008: Three DAYS??

I reached the end of Seven today. I SO didn't expect to be done in three days. I'm thrilled, but stunned too.

Since I had intended this to take me until Friday, I will spend tomorrow and Friday re-reading it again. I will read it, as best I can, as though it's brand new to me, and see how it works. I really am happy with it, though. :)

Writing Project: 7's edits
Time Planned: 5 hours
Time Spent: 4.25 hours, 'cause I FINISHED!
Favourite Part: Finishing. :)

Exercise: 30 minute elliptical
One Fun Thing I Did Today: I synchronized my Palm at Starbucks using my new Bluetooth adaptor. Nerd heaven. :)

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