Sunday, November 16, 2008

Internet ahoy!

(That might not make sense, but it amuses me, and I'm on vacation, so deal with it. :)

Officially, there's only internet access available in the lobby of this resort (hereafter known as Club Snow). WIRELESS internet access. So I tried, and it turns out that wireless signals extend beyond the walls of the main building and out to where we are (in a lesser building - that's timeshares for ya :). So I'm online and I don't have to leave my room!

Which is good, because there is SNOW out there. It was raining when we arrived yesterday, which quickly turned to freezing rain, which by the morning had turned to...

That's our car, with one side clear and the rest buried. Happily, we have no need to leave, so we won't be.

I did go down to the (somewhat antiquated) gym today, but other than that, we are vegetating and it's fabulous. :)

I'll likely do my posts this week in the mornings - I tend to wake up early. We'll see if I'm deep and insightful when I do! :)



Lauria said...

WOAH. That's a lot of snow! I guess up north it's really getting cold. Hope you're bundled up with a comfy blanket and fire and a good book or some yarn! And of course with Mr. W!

Heather Wardell said...

Yes to all of the above, Lauria! :)

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