Monday, December 29, 2008

Diet/Exercise Plans: Jan 4-31

I've divided the year into thirteen four-week periods. I am dividing 2009 into 13 four-week periods. For each block, I will decide what I'm focusing on most, and make sure I stick to it and make it happen. At the end of the block, I'll re-assess and see what needs to change next. I'll repeat that process every four weeks until the end of the year, at which point I will have lost 40 pounds.

This is non-negotiable. I will make it happen. This is my year. :)

My plan for the block appears below. Beneath the plan is my results, in this case for most of December 2008.


Main focus for January 4-31: Consistency and 100% adherence to the rules

Exercise for January 4-31: I will exercise 7 days a week for 30 minutes at a time. Half will be running (focusing on solid exertion and interval training) and half will be on my brand new Wii Fit (Christmas present!) focusing on strength and flexibility training. Once a week, I will do Wii Fit's yoga program.

Diet for January 4-31: I will continue with the No S diet, but with no extra exempt days.

Expected results for January 4-31: I will follow the diet and exercise plans with 100% consistency (with the exception that exercise days can be traded if the alternative is having to skip one). I will lose 3 pounds during that four weeks.

So that's the plan! This is largely here for me, to keep my thoughts straight and remind me of how badly I want to do this and how simple the steps are that will make it happen. If you want to comment, though, or tell me what you'll be doing to make yourself healthier in 2009, that's great!

I had been putting my little charts on the sidebar, but the sidebar's getting full, so I'll put them here. If a few days go by and I don't update, feel free to nag. :)

Exercise Plan
Want this calendar?

Run(30 mins, 45+ Sunday)
Yoga(30 mins)
Wii Fit (30 mins, 60 Saturday)
Missed day (none, please!)
Diet Tracking
Want this calendar?

Exempt Day
Missed day (none, please!)


Here are my results for the better part of December 2008.

Exercise: Of the 28 days on the tracker, I did my planned exercise (or rest) on 27 of them. I felt like I was getting sick so I skipped a run day, and actually didn't feel bad about it because it seemed like the right thing to do.

Diet: One failure (the infamous mint brownie) but a lot of exempt days due to the holidays. Of the 28 days, I was successful for 13, failed on one, and exempt on 14.

Results: I hadn't been weighing myself, but I don't really think that much has changed on that front. Nonetheless, I did well, I think.



Anonymous said...

The plan sounds great!!! Happy new Year!

Diana said...

You go girl. It seems a lot of us have started our goals before the new year this year. Do you think we'll be more successful because it's not a "resolution?" I hope so!

mini witchy said...

Wow, I wish I was that organized!

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