Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am knot a knitter

(I crack myself up. :)

But I'm really not. I have spent this year trying to knit. I did in fact manage to teach myself, and can knit/purl/cast on/bind off. But you know what?

I hate doin' it.

I really do. I don't like having a needle in both hands, I don't like all the loops on the needles, I don't like the "oh, geez, the stitches nearly fell off" moments... I am not a knitter. I am a crocheter.

So why am I so determined to put time I don't enjoy into knitting a sweater I almost certainly won't wear? I think it's because I feel like I started it and I should finish it.

Well, I'm finishing it right now. I will be frogging the sweater of doom and turning it into a nice crocheted sweater instead. Something by Doris Chan, I'm sure, for those of you who'll know what that means.

Without getting ridiculously over-philosophical, this is the same kind of thing I struggle with in my writing. The lighter tone is a hard sell these days, but it's what I have. It's how I talk, how I email, how I write. And I love it. So I need to do that, and not worry about what other people think about how it sounds. Or how I make my sweaters.



mini witchy said...

Ha! I second this. ;)

Fran Caldwell said...

I am a fantastic knitter, learned to do it at my mother's knee when I was about 6. But I prefer crochet. One hand gently slipping the hook through the yarn, the gentle rhythm without that annoying click,click, so quickly making the most amazing things. I had a crochet binge a few years ago - couldn't stop. The upshot is I have all these lovely shawls, and a single bed blanket(!) that I made. Heirlooms?

Jennifer said...

Frog it! Frog it! Life is to short to keep persevering at something you don't like. And Doris Chan is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Loves and hugs to you!! I want to learn to knit, but I think I have heard and read enough horror stories. I want to make huby socks, I'm skeert!!

Anonymous said...

One of the advantages of being an adult is that you don't have to start what you finish if it's just not working- and you can sleep with the light on if you like too,

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