Saturday, February 28, 2009

Diet/Exercise Report and Plans: Feb 2009

In total, I lost 1.63 pounds this month, for a "grand" total of 2.13 pounds in 2009. I'd planned to be six pounds down by now so I'm disappointed, but I'm more disappointed in myself.

I know better than to set a goal that isn't 100% in my control! My writing goals are all about "edit this" and "finish that" and "send out 15 queries by such date", because I have control over those. "Sign with an agent" and "get book deal" have elements that I can't make happen just by persistence, and so those aren't my goals. I want those things, but they're not my goals.

And yet, I'm still setting "lose three pounds in four weeks" as goals and then feeling like a failure for not meeting them. Grr.

And I'm again battling with the whole "WHY exactly do I need to lose weight?" question. I can run and swim and use the elliptical machine and do weights and all that, so why does that number matter so much? It shouldn't, but it does. And I don't want it to.

SO, for March, I am going to focus instead 100% on what I am doing. I have decided to run a half marathon May 10th, so I need to increase my running distance (my current long run is around 6-7 km) to be able to handle the 21.1 km comfortably ('comfortably' being a relative term, of course :).

I also need to focus on my eating AND on resting to make sure I am giving my body the support it needs for this running.

My exercise plan for March 1-28th:
- two runs a week, one focused on hills/speed (both of which are not my forte) and one focused on steady pace running
- one long run a week, which over the four weeks will be: 8 km, 10 km, 12 km, 8 km
- two non-running cardio sessions a week, swimming or elliptical trainer
- Wii Fit for 5-10 minutes after each workout, focusing on strength training
- two full rest days a week

My diet plan for March 1-28th:
- continue with the No S Diet rules, as I'm becoming more used to them
- a fourth meal, in the evening, may be added if I am truly hungry, but it will consist of yogurt and fruit (if I 'feel like' something else, I must not be hungry, right? :)
- at least one fresh fruit/veggie at every meal
- pay attention to daily water intake - outside of exercise, should be at least 2L a day

I'll keep doing the Wii Fit weigh-ins, but I am focused for now on what I need to do for the half marathon. I know that I feel better when I live like this (fresh food, good balance of hard exercise and rest), and I want to feel better, so I will stay focused on these areas and make them happen.

We're two months into 2009, folks. If there's something YOU wanted to get done in 2009, it's time to kick it into high(er) gear and make it happen!

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