Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alpaca and silk, oh my!

The crafters in the crowd are already drooling, I'm sure. :)

Made from Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca and Silk yarn, these mitts are warm.

The pattern comes from the Crochet Liberation Front's book (which I recently bought electronically and love). They were incredibly easy to make, and they have a nice shape to the wrist that I haven't seen done in any other mitts and yet it was easy as well.

I'm amused by the fact that the pattern is called Joanna Fingerless Mitt, because one of the agents currently looking at Raoul is named Joanna. A good sign? Perhaps.

I will make her as many mitts as she wants if she signs me. :)

Ravelry types, the pattern has a page there, of course.

I have developed something of a bad addiction to fingerless mitts. That's not bad, is it? I mean, I could quit whenever I wanted.

I think.


Lauria said...

I just used Blue Sky Silk and Alapaca *Drool!* for a design that will be in the CLF Second Book!! :) It really is nice to work with, isn't it? :)

YOur mitt looks great and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are great!! Of course, you can quit, but why would you want to? Especially while using Alpaca and silk!

mini witchy said...

Those do look cozy. I love the color! :)

Heather Wardell said...

Lauria, I'll watch for your design in the book! And I love these mitts too, and the colour is amazing. Just wish I had tons more! :)

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