Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 3: Still going strong

First off, huge thanks for the lovely comments on my 63 Days Weight Loss post! It's great to know other people are out there cheering for me.

Brief digression #1: Laux, another UFC fan! There were some wicked knockouts that night, weren't there? I had hoped for more chatter from Rampage Jackson, though, because he's always so funny. (And I LOVE your comment "typo" of "exorcise" instead of "exercise", except maybe it's not a typo, because I do need to exorcise my issues around this!)

Brief digression #2: Riohnna, from a previous post I think you're talking about Callanetics. I have done it on and off in the past and was always impressed... I find it BORING but it works! She has a web site now - http://callanetics.com/ - and you can order DVDs from her.

So, two days in. I had intended to run yesterday but I decided I was still too sick... when you're still going hot-and-cold on a regular basis, hard cardio is probably a bad plan. (Mr. W keeps singing that Katy Perry song "Hot and Cold" whenever I say I feel that way. Grr. :) But today I think I'll do something exercise-related - I slept through the night for the first time since I got this cold, so I think I might be good to go!

According to the Wii Fit, I have lost three pounds since Sunday morning. ?? I think this is EXTREMELY unlikely (although I did like seeing it. :) Regardless, it won't change my plan... I am here for the full 63 days. (Although if this rate DID continue, I'd have lost 63 pounds by then and there'd be precious little of me here! :)

I have tracked everything I ate, and I realized yesterday after dinner I'd had only 1400 calories. I've never been comfortable going below 1500 and especially not when I'm training for a half marathon... I wonder if I've just been eating too little all this time? I had a snack to bring me up to 1800, and I'll watch during the day today to make sure I don't sink too low.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a buffet. I am thinking of allowing myself a small portion of dessert, which I will of course only eat if it's delicious. (I absolutely refuse to take in calories for stuff that's "okay" any more!) I don't need to gorge myself, of course, but there's also no reason to starve myself just to prove I can. :)

Off for another day!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Did I ever tell you that I can NOT spell? Thank you for the link!

mini witchy said...

hehe! That's what I get for typing too fast (or thinking too slow?)! :)

Heather Wardell said...

So you're both word-challenged? :)

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