Monday, March 30, 2009

Which Jodi Picoult book would you recommend?

I haven't read anything of hers (I know, 'tis shocking) and there's a 50% off sale on everything at where I get lots of my ebooks, so I thought I should get one.

But which one?

Note that I don't have kids, so one that's really "mommy-focused" might be less effective on me. (Unless I think about my cat instead of a kid, but I'm not sure that'll work.)

The sale ends April 1st, so let me know which one you'd recommend. Also, feel free to recommend anything else you think I should read! Check my books I've read in 2009 and my upcoming reading for an idea of what I like, although you can basically sum it up with "interesting characters who aren't constantly lying to get out of situations, and nothing too scary". :)


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