Thursday, April 2, 2009

63 Day Weight Loss Progress

I'm actually very pleased with how things are going! I've taken down the March calendar to replace it with April's, but I wanted to include it here because...

March 2009

I didn't miss a single day!

And the results are good too... my Palm tracking program is set for a one pound a week loss and I'm just below that. I'll take it!

I'm finding that some meals are far lower in calories than I thought and some much higher. Interesting, given how long I've been on various diets.

So, onward. I'm ramping up my long run time as my half marathon gets closer, so we'll see if that has any effect on my weight. But I'm getting used to the constant meal tracking and I'm happy with myself for the persistence this time around!


Diana said...

Way to go Heather! Keep it up!

Heather Wardell said...

Thanks, and the same to you! :)

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