Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Bunny Eating part 2: It's all my fault

Apparently I asked him to save me the ears. I don't remember this. I DO remember asking for a piece "like maybe the ears", but I might have said it badly.

But that does NOT explain eating the stomach and leaving the feet part! I will not take responsibility for that.

The bunny is now entirely gone, by the way, and I can confirm that regardless of which part you eat first, they taste good. :)

I DID do the 14 km run yesterday. Despite my original "just gonna do it" plan, I ended up setting a time goal mid-run and then being stressed throughout about whether I'd reach it. (I did, with one minute to spare, but I'd thought I'd have three to spare so I was bugged by that too.)

I'll be doing an 18 km this week and I will NOT set a time goal I won't I won't I won't. I will just run and have fun!


Lauria said...

Hahahaha! Even if you DEMANDED he save the ears, why not eat from the tail up? Was he afraid that the feet would be smelly and icky? ;)

Jennifer said...

That is so silly...

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