Saturday, April 4, 2009

Short and sweet, and someday a reality

I'm off to the in-laws today and I need to get ready to go, but I wanted to post something.

And here it is.

I know it's not the best picture (my Palm Treo's camera is fairly crappy), but do you see what it is?

It's the space on the bookstore shelf where my books will go someday.

Top shelf, baby. :)


Corrina said...

Awesome. That sort of thing works you know. That's why we live in this house.

Anonymous said...

After a sleepless night staying up to finish your book I firmly believe you belong on that shelf. I can't wait to download more of your stuff to my Kindle. Your way of words makes you feel the emotion of your characters which I can imagine is no simple accomplishment.

Heather Wardell said...

Anonymous, you're making me cry. Thank you so much for that! So kind of you to come and say it. I'll remember it when I'm feeling down. :)

Corrina, really? You got the house you wanted via visualization? That's great. I didn't think to visualize what I wanted when we bought this place - but I did know it (despite its then crappy carpets and wallpaper) when I walked into it.

jdsanc said...

That's a too cool idea! I'm definitely stealing/borrowing that one.

Heather Wardell said...

Go for it! I keep looking at the picture and feeling excited about it. :)

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