Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things I now know about New York

  1. Pedestrians ignore traffic signals.
  2. So do drivers.
  3. It is apparently illegal to drive in New York without honking at least once a block.
  4. Whoever came up with numbering the streets and avenues and arranging them in a grid should be both knighted and nominated for sainthood. (I still went the wrong way a few times, don't get me wrong, but at least I KNEW early that I was messed up.)
  5. The guy selling $5 silk pashminas on nearly every corner? Those are neither silk nor pashmina, but they're quite nice for $5.
  6. Despite the stereotype, everyone I spoke to was friendly. (Perhaps too friendly, in the case of the pizza worker who wanted to come visit me in my hotel room. He took the rejection well, I'll say that for him. :)
  7. Every store that I think, "Hey, I've heard of that!" is far too expensive for me.
  8. I love this city. :)
I am all ready for the writing conference tomorrow, or I will be once I've finished my latte and taken a bath. I work hard, can't you tell? :)

P.S. That pizza guy will be in a book sooner or later, I guarantee. Too funny a story not to use. And yes, he was serious, I think. I didn't mean to laugh, but he surprised me so much I couldn't help it. If I change my mind, I'm supposed to go back to see him, so I think I'll just stay off that block for the rest of the trip!


moonrat said...

how long are you in town?

Jennifer said...

I don't know where the stereotype of unfriendly New Yorkers came from. They do tend to have less of a filter, though. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're enjoying your trip. We're going back in August and taking the kids this time. Can't wait! I love that city, too!

I agree that New Yorkers get a bad rap. When we went, we also found everyone to be quite friendly. LOL No pizza guys hit on me though.


Fran Caldwell said...

No pizza guy for you? Unless you find the evenings dragging on and you become very, very bored...

You didn't mention if he was cute or not.

Kit Courteney said...

I love your observations.

Very amusing!

jdsanc said...

I love NY, too. Only more on the inside of buildings than on the outside. Is it me or does it just not smell very good?

By the way, how was the conference?

Heather Wardell said...

Fran, you're right, I didn't. (He kinda was, for the record.) But I behaved myself!

Jdcoughlin, there were parts that smelled like a humid reptile cage, but overall, not bad. The same description could be applied to the conference. :)

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