Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bolero Jacket of Pain

This may come as a shock, but I tend to overdo things.

I recently found the one hundred push ups web site, which trains you to do push ups. Theoretically you get to a full hundred in six weeks. I say theoretically because if you start out only able to do three (I really thought I'd be better than that!) you probably won't get higher than fifty in the six weeks. Still, fifty is better than three, so I launched into the program.

The same guy has come up with the two hundred situps and two hundred squats web sites. Naturally, I decide to do these programs at the same time. Thanks to my running, I am on the high end for both of these. I should be able to do the two hundred at the end of the six weeks, no problem.

I'm on week 2 at this point, having been disrupted by the New York trip. Usually I do a workout on the elliptical machine and then do my push ups, situps, and squats. But the elliptical (and the squats, let's face it) leave my legs tired and then the next day's run ends up kinda whine-filled.

So yesterday I decided to do the Wii Fit's boxing program instead. I haven't used it for months, but I do enjoy it and it wouldn't work my legs as hard. I do the advanced program, which is about ten minutes long, and I feel great.

Do I stop there? Consider it a good start?

No, I do my five sets of push ups (I can do eight in a row now!) and then go back to the Wii. Since the advanced program was fine, I decide to do the expert. Faster moves and thirteen minutes instead of ten.

This goes well too, so I decide to quit for the day.

Ha, kidding. I do my squats, and am a bit alarmed when the last set leaves my thighs burning like all the lactic acid on the planet just landed in them. I stumble around for a minute or two until they stop hurting and then...

Yup. I do the expert program again. We're now at thirty-three minutes of boxing. For a cooldown, I do my situps and take a shower.

By bed time, I'm beginning to feel a little tightness across my shoulders. All day it's been building, and now, I am indeed wearing the bolero jacket of pain. The crop-top of agony. The shrug of serious sadness and self-awareness of stupidity.

Ironically, the boxing actually did affect my legs as well (because I get into it and dance around to avoid being hit back by the animated punching bag I'm beating up) and I couldn't run today because they were so tight.

Even more ironically?

Boxing is again on the schedule for tomorrow and I betcha I'll do it again.

Anyone feel like giving me a massage?


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