Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hear that? NO?

That's because it's so quiet. The new dishwasher, I mean.

It was installed yesterday without incident (which was a nice change after all the previous incident) and we ran it last night even though it was mostly empty. I know, it's a waste of water, but it was new and I wanted to try it.

It was so quiet we weren't actually sure it was working, but it was and the dishes are clean and I am a happy camper and I do not want another appliance installed for a very long time.

Here is the proof that it was actually installed. Isn't it pretty? (The old one was a light harvest gold kind of colour. Very not-so-nice.)

It plays a happy little tune when you power it on and when it's finished. The old one seemed to hate doing the dishes but this one is delighted.

And I actually remembered to take our "are the dishes clean or dirty" magnet off the old one before it left, so we can see that this new dishwasher now contains clean dishes.

Clean. Not handwashed. Ah, the bliss. :)

Of course, now I have to go empty the fool thing!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! (Do they even make Harvest Gold or Avocado appliances anymore? Maybe they can be special-ordered...)

Heather Wardell said...

They probably can, but why on earth would you? :)

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