Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let the table come to you

Yesterday afternoon I went to Starbucks to work. I go about once a week or so - more often, I'd be broke and twice my weight. :) I like to save it for when I am feeling particularly lacking in motivation, or when there's construction in my condo building and the noise is distracting. Yesterday was a bit of both.

When I got there, no tables were empty. Most of the tables are two-person, but the four-person one by the window had one woman at it. I could have gone there, in a pinch, but I don't like to share tables and I didn't know if she would either.

Worry rose in me as I waited for my drink (peppermint white chocolate mocha, in case you were wondering) but I told myself, "You will find a table. It will work out." I repeated this to myself as I took my drink and began walking toward the four-person table. "It will work out. You'll find a spot."

When I drew level with the last table before the four-person, the man at that table stood up. I asked if he was done, and he was, and I got my own table. And I got tons of work done.

Did believing I'd find a spot make it happen? I don't know. But it's sure a lot less stressful than telling myself, "You're crazy to think there'll be any space for you. Look at how busy this place is" like I used to do.

You may notice (if I've done it right) that I've turned the comments back on. To be frank, I had them off because I feel uncomfortable when a post doesn't get comments. I feel like I failed to interest anyone enough to comment. But I have missed reading your comments, and while several people took the time to email me directly, it's not the same and I know it. So, they're back on. Comment away! :)


Jennifer said...

I always worry about not being able to find seats in busy restaurants. I need to borrow your positive attitude! :)

Heather Wardell said...

I was truly surprised by how well it worked. :)

Fran Caldwell said...

Nice to see your whole face, were so mysterious with the other pic.

jdsanc said...

You are so right. Positive thinking really does work. And when it doesn't, whatever you're worried about doesn't trouble you as much. Got me craving Starbucks now.

Aarin Kaur said...

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