Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can't believe it's June!

I know we're a few days in, but I still can't accept it. What happened to the rest of the year???

So far this year, I have:

- gone to Kuwait and Dubai for two weeks to visit a good friend who works there
- dealt with the blood clot I developed during the trip (now under control, fortunately)
- edited "Planning to Live" and sent it to agents
- wrote the first draft of the book codenamed "Blueberry"
- did the planning for the book codenamed "Cookie", which may end up being titled "The Twenty-Eight-Year-Old Teenager" unless I come up with something I like better
- polished "Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many" in preparation for officially releasing it in July
- nearly finished preparing for the second draft of Blueberry, which I'll begin next week

It's not bad, all written out, but I do still feel I haven't done enough. I wonder if I'll ever NOT feel that way. Might be nice, for a change. :)

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