Thursday, June 17, 2010

My lovely assistant

How am I supposed to work with something this cute on my desk?

Sapphire runs her life like clockwork:

- 7AM - stare at food bowl until breakfast arrives, then eat and sit on Mr. W when he has his breakfast
- 9:30AM - sleep in one of her many beds or on my bed (usually only when I haven't made it yet, as she seems to prefer shedding right onto the sheets)
- 2:30PM - get up, check food bowl, have a drink, use litter box, stare at me until I put her on my writing desk. She then sleeps (which involves significant snoring) and/or purrs while I work (or while I sneak off to blog, as is happening right now)
- 6:00PM - dinner time for the feline and her people, then an evening of sitting on Mr. W.

But throughout, no matter what she's doing, she is fiendishly adorable!


Noelani Morrell said...

A cat of such steady, disciplined habits is clearly helping you to structure your day :) It beats me how they have time to keep themselves looking so gorgeous, when there is all that sleeping in sunny spots to be done...not to mention eating. Very very busy.

Heather Wardell said...

If I'm not working when she gets up in the afternoon, she comes over and gives me the kind of look you'd get from a boss if you weren't working. So cute!

She's a great time manager, apparently. :)

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