Monday, June 28, 2010

My multiple personalities

Online personalities, I mean. :)

I have been trying to figure out how best to use Twitter, this blog, the new Facebook page I made for my writing, and my web site/mailing list. I tend to be frustrated when following someone in multiple places gives me nothing but multiple copies of the same content, and I don't want to do that to you!


If you're interested in my day-to-day activities and random thoughts, it's Twitter for you. (This is also the best place to reach me quickly if you have something you want to say... I only check email once a day.)

Want to learn more about how I write, and why I do things the way I do, and what I think about writing and the publishing industry? I plan to post that content here on the blog.

The Facebook page ( is where I want to have discussions with my readers. I welcome questions and new discussion posts and all that sort of good thing.

My web site and mailing list are more focused on when a new book comes out, as well as the details of the existing books and where you can pick them up.

(Naturally, I will update all my channels when I release a new book, but only ONCE per book and not (I hope) in an annoyingly spammy way.)

I would be delighted to see you at all of my online hangouts, but if you only want a certain kind of information from me you now know where to go. :)


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