Thursday, July 29, 2010

Contest extended to August 3rd!

I can't pick a winner when I'm not even at my computer!

After I set the original contest deadline, a friend invited me back to her cottage. I went there with her last year and it was wonderfully relaxing and exciting too. The picture here shows me feeding one of the raccoons that lives behind the cottage. (I have never wanted to reach out and pat a wild animal more in my life but I did restrain myself. :)

I said yes immediately, of course, and then realized I'd be away when the contest ended.

So, I will be back on August 3rd and will now pick the winners on August 4th. This gives you a few more days to post and retweet if you haven't quite gotten to it yet!

I'll paste in the directions from the original post below to make it easier for you to enter, and have a great weekend! :)

Here's how to win:

Comment on this post (or on the original contest post). You can tell me about your favorite way to celebrate your birthday, describe your worst ex, or just say you want the book. Either include your email address in the comment (writing it like "me(at)here(dot)com" to avoid spammers is fine) or have a Blogger profile that includes your email address. Commenting in either place gets you one entry, so comment in both for two!

Each of the following activities will get you one additional entry:

1. Twitter about the contest. Here's a sample tweet for you, but feel free to write your own instead as long as it uses my Twitter handle, the book's title, and my link to this post. (Using means I can track how far the link spreads, so please do use only the link I've provided.)
Win "Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many" by @heatherwardell - stranded with HOW many exes?? - details at - RT to win!
2.Blog about the contest. Again, please use as your link.

3. Be a fan of my Facebook page on August 4th. (You're welcome to do this earlier, of course. :)

And the big one... send me a link to a review you've written for any of my books, and I'll give you two entries to the contest!

Check out the first scene at my web site, and good luck! :)


JWolfe said...

Ok, I SSSOOOO hope I win this contest! Seriously! I have been blogging about it frequently! Have fun on your vacation!!

Jess said...

My favourite way to celebrate my birthday...honestly? Is to go for a nice skate! Even better if I have a nice man with me and it is outside in the moonlight. Then, eat thai food and relax in the swimspa with some wine!

In fact, I may do that tonight! Except for the outside skating, that is...

Unknown said...

I loved reading your books -- you keep your readers interested throughout the book. You don't expect some of the twists and turns and therefore I want to read until I am done. Then I am sad because I want to read more. lol Congrats and keep up the work. I will definitely be waiting for the next ones.:)

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