Thursday, August 12, 2010

Help me pick a cover for "Planning to Live"!

I have made nine possible covers and while I have some favorites I'd love to get your opinion on which ones work best for you.

The picture below shows all nine covers. Please take a look at them and think about which one would most make you want to pick up the book. (If you want to read a brief summary and an excerpt of "Planning to Live" before making your decision, here it is.)

Once you've checked them all out, please fill out the survey below. You can pick more than one cover, and you don't have to add a comment although I'd love it if you did - it'll help me decide what to choose and why!

(Please note: these covers are all created with low-resolution "comp images" from Once I pick which cover or combination of covers I'll be using, I will then buy the high-resolution images as I've done for my other covers. The final version will be much sharper and will not have any istockphoto watermarks. :)

On to the pictures and the survey!

Thank you so much for your help! :)


Unknown said...

This one is intriguing and peeks your interest.

Yke said...

This is catching and a bit mysterious as well

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