Monday, August 23, 2010

So far so good!

I was aiming for 2.5 hours and 2500 words today. I only had time for 2 hours due to a dentist appointment and various other things that needed to be done, but that's all right because I did just over 3500 words!

It's so strange, beginning a book. I have all the planning done but I'm not entirely clear on the character's voice. I'm starting to hear her but I often find it takes at least a few chapters to get her solid.

What's interesting this time is that she seems to like the word "apparently". I hardly ever write it ordinarily but it appears several times in today's work. I will be watching for it during my second draft.

For now, though, I'll keep moving forward. I find that if I go back and edit I never get the book done, so I will plow through the draft then let it rest and then re-read it.

With any luck, there won't be TOO many "apparently"s to remove. :)


Jennifer said...

Maybe your character is me, since I use the word "apparently" way too much. :)

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