Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I can smell the blueberry now!

I'd like to promise there will be no food-related book updates in the future but since the next one's codenamed Cookie...

Anyhow, I have about 8,000 words left to edit (in the vicinity of 32 pages of finished book) and barring any kablooies I will finish them tomorrow. There can be kablooies at the end (I am writing this on my iPhone and it has just added kablooies to my autocorrect dictionary and this makes me ridiculously happy. Kablooies! (Is that a real word? I think so but I'm not sure.)

(I have lost my train of thought so completely I don't even know to which station I should head to find it again.)

Oh, right. Kablooies. Fun to type, bad to have in a book. I think Blueberry is going to be fine, though, as I edited the stuffing (gratuitous thanksgiving reference) out of it for the second draft. Either way, it'll be done in the next few days and then it's time to move on to Cookie.

I told you there's no rest for the wicked!

Cookie, sadly, is probably about 40% kablooies at this point, so there is much work to be done. But the other 60% kind of rocks. So there's that.

To sum up: Blueberry done soon, Cookie next, kablooies more fun to type than to fix. ;)

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