Saturday, November 13, 2010

One week since Sapphire

It's been a week since we lost Sapphire, the world's cutest writing assistant. It's strange... it feels like it's been absolutely forever and like it just happened at the same time.

I don't entirely think it's sunk in for me that she's gone. I keep thinking she'll come around the corner and give me that meow/grunt that says, "Hey, pay attention to me." And I would have. But she can't.

Mr. W and I have been discussing getting another cat. We got our first two cats, Ninja and Tabitha, a few days after our wedding in 1995 and we haven't been cat-less since. Nigel joined those two a few years later, and then we lost Tabitha and gained Sapphire. Now there's no feline here, and it's not cool.

We had considered having Sapphire be our last cat, but I always figured that wouldn't happen for years. She was only ten or eleven years old (humane society wasn't sure of her age when we got her five years ago). I think it's too soon to be without a pet.

But is it too soon to get a new cat? We are going to Florida mid-December so we don't want to get one before that, but I'm leaning hard toward having a cat here for Christmas. It wouldn't be to replace Sapphire, of course. Each cat is irreplaceable. But it might make the condo feel a little more like a home.

I've been browsing and have a list of older cats that could use a quiet home. Finding a cat wouldn't be difficult. Knowing for sure that I'm ready? That might be. But when it happens, I promise to post far too many pictures. :)

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