Monday, November 1, 2010

A week in overdrive

That's what I'm hoping for! I've been less than thrilled with how much I've been accomplishing and I'd like to step it up at least a few notches this week.

It must be said that I'm nearly always less than thrilled with how much I get done. Like Rhiannon in my "Planning to Live", it never seems to be enough. (They say write what you know... :) But it's more than that at the moment. I seem to be finding every excuse for not getting more work done, and when I track my time spent on writing and promotion, I'm barely clearing two hours a day. Where's the rest of the time going? I can't even say for sure.

SO... I have changed direction from the start of this post! My original plan was to say, "So I'll push hard on the writing and promotion stuff and see how much I get done." But writing the last sentences in the previous paragraph made it clear that I need to be able to answer that question first. When I don't know where the time's going, how can I make better use of it?

So I'll do both. I will focus on writing and promotion, but I will track all my time this week, from when Mr. W leaves for work to when he gets back, and see what I'm actually spending it on. I have a great little iPhone app that helps with this (the fantastic and free aTimeLogger) so we shall see what we see.

I expect to be alarmed. :)

If you track your time, let me know: what percent of it do you use productively? I'm basically at around 25%, I guess, and that feels kind of not-so-great.

Happy November! :)


zaplitny said...

Hi, I'm developer of aTimeLogger. It's a pleasure to know that it helps people

Heather Wardell said...

I'm glad! And thank you so much for it. The new version looks great so far. :)

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