Thursday, December 9, 2010

111 in '11 Challenge - ready to read?

Jennie of "Life is Short. Read Fast" has started a challenge: read 111 books in 2011. I haven't read nearly that many this year but I want to read more books next year so I am IN!

If you'd like to be in too, check out the challenge post and sign up! There will be prizes, including a bunch of ebooks from some weird polar-bear-obsessed writer. ;) (Everything I've published by the end of the contest will be included, and since I'm hoping to release four new books next year it'll be at least eight novels and maybe more.)

Happy reading, everyone!


Joys of life's randomness said...

OMG! This sounds so fun! I LOVE to read but often lack the time. This may just give me the boost to do it!! Thanks!!

Heather Wardell said...

You're most welcome! I'm truly not sure I can hit 111 but I'm going for it. :)

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