Saturday, March 29, 2008

101 in 1001 - Final Version

This list contains 101 tasks I will complete in 1001 days. The original concept comes from the 101 tasks in 1001 site. Many interesting lists are available there - great resources for creating your own list.

My start date was February 21, 2008, and the last day will be November 18, 2010. (To see how many days since I started, go here.)

Finished items are in italics (I've finished 19 tasks thus far). Ones I'm actively working on this week are in bold.
(last update October 6, 2008)
  1. Donate one million grains of rice through (need to win 7000 grains/week, so by this point I should be at approximately 210,000 grains. Eep. Must catch up!) (138,000/1,000,000) (system count = 23,000)
  2. Make a 101 things about me list, post most interesting 11 entries on blog (24/101) (ongoing every week, part of weekly planning process so it actually gets done!)
  3. Volunteer twenty hours of my time to whatever seems to need me. (6/20)
  4. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy. (54/101) (ongoing every week, part of weekly planning process so it actually gets done!)
  5. Make a list of 101 things I like about myself. (23/101) (ongoing every week, part of weekly planning process so it actually gets done!)
  6. Go two weeks without swearing. Up the ante!(started May 10. RE-started an hour later May 10. Oops. So far, so good!) (finished May 24, 2008 - total of two weeks and about ten minutes, driven to foul language by the ridiculous race kit pickup disaster of the Ottawa Half Marathon. :)
  7. Learn three inventive, non-rude, curses. Use instead of swear words. (1/3 - "Sweet Anola Gay, Son!", which I swiped from The Simpsons)
  8. For one week, wear nothing black. (gym clothes excepted)
  9. Write a letter to myself, to be opened on the last day of this challenge. (Feb 21, 2008)
  10. Leave 11 post-it notes in random public places with favorite quotes on them and the 101 in 1001 address on the back. (3/11)
  11. Get folding sunglasses for my purse, or a good case for other sunglasses.
  12. Going through the Tim's drivethrough, pay for myself and the car behind me.
  13. Save $0.50 a day, to be used only for tasks from this list. (ongoing every week, part of weekly planning process so it actually gets done!)
  14. Admit I'm never going to learn to type properly because I like impressing people with my speed with two fingers on each hand.
  15. Get a bikini wax. Just to see how bad it is.
  16. Go 48 hours without the Internet while at home.
  17. Go 24 hours without touching the Palm.
  18. Spend twenty-four hours in complete silence.
  19. Cry until I'm dry.
  20. Celebrate July as my birthmonth each year. (successful in 2008!)
  21. Make one new friend.
  22. Be selfish - do ten things for myself. (1/10)
  23. Be selfless - do twenty things for other people. (1/20)
  24. Initiate conversations with five strangers (not including at SiWC). (1/5)
  25. Learn French and have a conversation with Holly.
  26. Donate 101 items to charity. (101/101) (more gone than that but I've lost count) (September 12, 2008)
  27. Buy nothing but essential groceries and Starbucks drinks for one month.
  28. Get rid of extraneous email addresses, and don't create any more without valid reasons. I probably don't need more than the two gmails and anything on my sites. (March 25, 2008)
  29. Find a good home for my Pooh calendar plates. (donated to a fellow Ravelry site member, September 14, 2008)
  30. Play poker in a live casino.
  31. Spend a few hours at the zoo watching the polar bears, on a day when it's cold enough for them to be a bit active.
  32. Take pictures in a photo booth. Keep them no matter how lame they are.
  33. Go to an aquarium.
  34. Apply to a reality show or game show.
  35. Be able to play every note, every last note, for at least one Markham Concert Band concert. Do not beat myself up if I flub any of them at the concert. (May 3, 2008)
  36. Read all seven books in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. (7/7) (April 5, 2008)
  37. Donate fifteen books to (6/15)
  38. Random House's 100 best novels list, Reader's List side: read or re-read 50 of them.
  39. Read at least three Jane Austen and/or Bronte sister novels, preferably ones I haven't read. (It's been a long time since I read any.)
  40. Go to that used bookstore on Highway 7 I've always driven past and wondered about. Take $10. Find something neat. (October 1, 2008)
  41. Read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle".
  42. Read an Oprah's book club pick. Refrain from muttering about Oprah's ridiculous level of influence. Figure out why she picked the book.
  43. Find, or replace, Marian Keyes' "Sushi For Beginners". (bought new copy May 31, 2008)
  44. Read at least 100 authors new to me. (19/100)
  45. Complete ten random acts of kindness on Crochetville. (2/10)
  46. Sew myself something to wear. Wear it.
  47. Crochet something to be submitted to the Markham fair. Then submit it!
  48. Donate forty crocheted/knitted pet snuggles to the Humane Society.
  49. Make and give away five shawls. (2/5: TS, D-A H)
  50. Make three crocheted string bags and keep them in the car for groceries. (2/3)
  51. Get the yarn all organized and know exactly what I have and where it is. (March 14, 2008)
  52. Use ALL my previously purchased yarn before any newly purchased yarn.
  53. Fix my wooden polar bear necklace. (June 7, 2008)
  54. Sell something I've made on eBay.
  55. Wear a sweater I have knitted to Christmas 2008.
  56. Finish my "Cats Rule" cross-stitch.
  57. Finish the wedding quilt.
  58. Make those 7 tea towels with the days of the week on them. Have the right one up every day for a month. (Begun Sept 13, 2008, so far no failures!)
  59. Run a sub-30 minute 5K.
  60. Climb the stairs of the CN Tower.
  61. Train until I can do at least one un-assisted pullup.
  62. Go for a run while it's still dark and watch the sun come up.
  63. Get rollerblades and skate in the summer.
  64. Take a fitness class through the gym, something I'm not sure is really for me. Go to every session.
  65. Lose forty pounds. Stop trying to convince myself I don't really care what my actual weight is. I do. Lose 40. (0/40 as of date of update above)
  66. Have abs I can be proud of.
  67. When I've lost 40 pounds, pitch nearly all my clothes and start again a la "what not to wear".
  68. When I've lost 40 pounds, spend a day at the Eaton Centre trying on everything and anything.
  69. Have a picture taken of me at least once a month through the weight loss process.
  70. Buy a sleek black leather jacket.
  71. Have a family portrait taken after I lose weight: me, Mr. W, and Sapphire. Fish tank optional.
  72. Try five different drinks or food at Starbucks. (3/5) Vegan Brownie, Mocha Mint Chip Frappuccino, Chai Latte
  73. Make pineapple mint sherbet in the summer.
  74. Have dinner in the revolving restaurant of the CN tower.
  75. Go to a farmers' market at least once a summer.
  76. Eat only raw food for one week.
  77. Spend June and July 2008 attempting to toilet train my cat Sapphire. (Oh, Sapphire. You are either too smart or too stupid to fall for this. :)
  78. Watch all three Lord of the Rings movies with Wes. Refrain from whining about how I can't tell which guys are on which side (maximum one whine per movie; I'm no saint!) (3/3, and I only whined once!) Sometime late Feb 2008
  79. Babysit B. and R. for an evening so L. and J. can go out. No fear!! (July 4, 2008)
  80. Go play paintball or laser tag. If paintball, do not whine about any resultant bruising. (July 26, 2008 - and there was some SERIOUS resultant bruising, but I feel pretty tough about it so there's been a fair bit of bragging but no whining :)
  81. Host and play in a murder mystery game I didn't write.
  82. Go to Wonderland with S.
  83. Get together with K. and D-A. (July 26, 2008 - we hung out after paintball and it was a lot of fun!)
  84. Take the camera to three MacLeod family gatherings in 2008. Take at least one picture. (1/3)
  85. Get together with J. and G.
  86. Have my parents over for game night three times.
  87. Go bowling with Mr. W.
  88. Have five of my murder mysteries available for purchase.
  89. Complete the "Artist's Way" book, doing the entire twelve-week program in a consecutive twelve-week period. (beginning April 28, 2008) (finished September 14, 2008)
  90. Complete a writing career plan. (March 26, 2008)
  91. Write a scene with a car chase.
  92. Write a sex scene. Do not hold back. (June 24, 2008)
  93. Send out ten charming notes to people in the publishing business. Do NOT sign them. (1/10)
  94. Go to Kuwait to visit T. Try everything I can get my hands on, no matter whether I think I won't like it.
  95. Go to New York with H. and/or Mr. W., or alone.
  96. Go back to Florida with the parents and go on Sheik-Ra front row.
  97. Private (1/5)
  98. Private (0/31)
  99. Private
  100. Private (1/11)
  101. Private (25/52)

And I guess 102 is make the next list! :)


Julie Weathers said...

Whoa, this is a seriously good list.

I'm so glad I popped over. Do you mind if I mention this blog elsewhere?


Heather Wardell said...

By all means! Mention away, anywhere you want. :)

mini witchy said...

Learn three inventive, non-rude, curses.

This one made me giggle. And want to try it... :)

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