Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another contest, for both books this time!

I have entered both "Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo" and "Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many" in a 100-word contest at the Book Ends Literary Agency blog. My entries are available at their blog. First prize is a critique of my first chapter, query letter, and synopsis, which would be fabulous.

I got myself a little upset after not winning the last contest, so we won't be doing that again. If I win, marvelous. If not, no worries. (Plus, I found a few spare words to cut from each book in preparing my entries, so that's good too - there, I won already. :)



Kalynne Pudner said...

Hey! I'm a fellow contestant at the Book-Ends blog, and I recognized "Life, Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo" when I followed the link to your query on Nathan Bransford's blog today. Just wanted to say it's an awesome query; I'm surprised the book hasn't sold yet.

Good luck in the contest, and with your career!

Anonymous said...

I followed you from that Book-ends blog, too. I like your first 100 words! I can't help but notice that things like "finish book" or "pitch book" aren't on your 100 things list. Why not?

Finish book is tops on every stupid list I make. Maybe that's why I've finished it seven times but I never really finish.

Heather Wardell said...

Interesting question, kj. I don't have 'finish book' or 'pitch book' on the list because I no longer need them. They're my job now, not something I MIGHT do some day in the future, and so they're part of my career planning. The list for me is 'fun/entertaining/challenging stuff I want to do'. Writing, and the associated stuff, is career. Fun, but career.

And thanks for liking my 100 words! I can't wait for the contest to be judged. :)


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