Sunday, April 20, 2008

101 update: April 20, 2008

Overall, not a bad week on the 101 front. Not perfect, mind you, but not bad.

I was supposed to:
- get a move on for #55, wear a sweater I've knitted to Christmas 2008. I will knit at least ten rows of the sweater this week.
- will try one pullup with no assist (#61) to see if I can do it. The trick is to try this when nobody's looking in my direction, since I suspect I'll be able to lift myself about one inch and then hang there looking sad. :)
- will read another book by an author new to me.
- will volunteer another hour.
- will get my freerice total to 15,000.
- take private item #101 to 5/52.

I actually:
- knit 3 rows. But I also finished crocheting my summer purse, so that's good too. But the sweater needs to be top priority craft-wise for a while. I'm not holding the knitting needles so tightly any more - I don't get the wicked hand cramps - so I should be able to do ten rows this week.
- did NOT try the unassisted pullup. A) there was never a time when nobody was looking B) I feel enough of a strain doing it when I'm only lifting 70 pounds. As I weigh a good bit more than that, I don't think I can do the full lift. SO, I will just keep doing what I'm doing, and increase the weight when I can, and when I'm at 75% of my own weight I'll try one unassisted and see what happens.
- didn't read a book! No excuses, I just didn't. I will do one this week for sure.
- did volunteer the hour.
- reached 20,000 on freerice.
- did private item #101.

In addition:
- I donated 16 items to charity after cleaning out and rebuilding my writing room and the dining room (task #26). I'm now up to 19.

For this coming week, I will:
- knit ten rows
- combined, I will list 101 things: about me (task #2), that make me happy (#4), and that I like about myself (#5). I may list some of them on the blog, but not necessarily all. You'll have to trust me that I hit the number. :)
- volunteer another hour
- read one novel by an author new to me
- reach 30,000 on freerice
- do private item #101
- use my Palm food tracker and exercise tracker religiously for the entire week. See if the weight I lose matches what the thing says I should lose. (item #65)

Sounds like a good week. In other topics, I will also:
- do ten different brainstorming exercises to help me figure out where Raoul is going
- assemble the rough draft of a planning checklist to make sure my novel plans are well defined
- declutter the bookshelves and donate anything unneeded to charity and/or BookCrossing
- eat two fruits and one yogurt daily

I am on. Have a great week!

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Heather Wardell said...

I did try this one. It's a great site too, although in Firefox (my browser of choice) every time I answer a question the next question appears in a different tab, which means a lot of extra clicks to get where I need to be.

I'm sticking with freerice, but if anyone's looking for a site, is another good one!

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