Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21, 2008: what a difference planning makes!

I built myself a seriously detailed schedule for today. And I stuck to it! I often make schedules, but they're usually full of stuff like "do two hour task" in a time slot of one hour. Today, I did not do this. I was rational about it. And I spent four hours on Raoul (and am starting to really see where it'll be going), cleaned out a bookshelf, knit two rows on the sweater of doom, called Rogers' tech support to find out about getting my Palm online (talk about your two-hour task... only took 45 minutes to find someone who could tell me what it would cost), made a dentist appointment, and did a bit of a few other 101 tasks.

Now, the real proof of the pudding (mmm... pudding...) is whether I can do it again tomorrow. Sometimes when I have a fabulous day the next day is... lacklustre, shall we say. Tomorrow will be just as good as today, I know it. :)

Writing Project: Raoul
Time Planned: 4 hours
Time Spent: like 3:55 (I was done and didn't want to start a new section)
Favourite Part: getting chills recognizing how the male and female main characters are linked together

Exercise: 45 minute tempo run
One Fun Thing I Did Today: wore Wes's phone headset while talking to Rogers - I felt like a tech support person myself

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