Friday, April 11, 2008

Ah, the synopsis, how crazy-making

Guess what I worked on today? I have a list of each scene in "Seven", so I have, on two pages, a list of the key points in the book. It should be easy to turn that list into a synopsis, yes?

No. I spent three hours on it today, and I now have a five-page document that swings from far too detailed to way too vague and back again. Joy. However, at least it's something, and now I'll let it rest for a few days and then go through it again, and repeat that cycle until it seems to describe "Seven" without giving the entire game away.

Interesting articles on synopsis writing and similar:

I'd be remiss to not mention the Snowflake Method, which I used to create my outline for "Seven". The five-page synopsis I completed today is an expansion of one of the Snowflake stages.

Writing Project: Preparing to query "Seven"
Time Planned: as much as I could stand
Time Spent: three hours
Favourite Part: that I didn't give up before finishing it

Exercise: none (scheduled to do the elliptical machine, but woke up sore, and since I'll be running 1.5-2 hours this weekend...)
One Fun Thing I Did Today: I cleaned out the cupboard above the fridge, to put the china from under the microwave stand there. The space under the microwave is now filled with alcohol, which I took out of the bookcase with doors. The bookcase with doors will hold books come next Thursday, when the piano leaves for my neighbour's house and I get to have my writing space back! (This may not sound like fun, but I've been wanting this space to be entirely mine for months, so it's fun for me to know it's a week away!)

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