Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 12, 2008: A lovely relaxing day

I'm starting Seven's final read-through tomorrow so I wanted today to be a nice rest day... and it was. Went to the gym, went grocery shopping, spent hours hanging out and chatting with Mr. W. about topics ranging from writing (somehow it always comes up :) through the Olympics. We're watching Star Wars episode 5 now... it's been a great day!

Once I've finished re-reading Seven, it'll go to the critique group and beta readers and I'll start planning the next one, which I've code-named "Raoul". (I usually end up titling things too soon, so now I'm using code words. Why not, right?) I have already started and thrown away two plots for Raoul, largely because I've been putting way too much pressure on it... to be a great follow-on to Seven, wildly salable, brilliant and funny and insightful... and I've just crushed the life out of the plots. The newest idea is odd, a bit weird, and has the potential to be funny as hell... so that's what we'll go with.

On the movie tonight, Luke Skywalker says, "I can't believe it," after Yoda pulls the spaceship out of the swamp. Yoda says, "That's why you fail." I believe I can write Raoul.


Writing Project: none
Time Planned: zero
Time Spent: exactly as planned :)
Favourite Part: not thinking much about the book - breaks can be good!

Exercise: 45 minute elliptical
One Fun Thing I Did Today: nearly finished crocheting a purse

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