Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008: edited 21,000 words!

I have decided to blog daily for the next 31 days. For now I'm going to keep having this automatically copied to my Facebook account. If you're reading this there, and seeing it there makes you crazy, let me know. If you're not someone who's already crazy, I might stop the auto-copy. :)

This turned out to be an awesome day. I went through 21,085 words! And I went through them carefully too, changing things, re-reading until I was sure I had it right. I have about 20,000 left in the book. I probably COULD finish tomorrow but I have some big scenes coming up so I plan to spread it over two days... but it looks like the edit'll be done on Wednesday. Woo. After that, I'll let it sit, marinate if you will, for a few days, and then I'll re-read it starting on Monday next week. Once that's done (should be done by Tuesday) it goes to my critique group and my lovely beta readers. Hope they like it!

In other news, my lovely/ridiculous cat Sapphire is still in the plastic cone. She will NOT stop licking her butt. As a result, she sees the world like this:

Doesn't she look miserable? She's very good with making the sad faces. I feel bad for her, but the solution is simple: stop with the licking. She and I have discussed this, but she chooses not to accept this option. This is her call. (The vet said, "You can't argue with a cat." I said, "Well, you can, but it doesn't seem to work.")

Summary of the day:
Writing Project: "Seven"'s edit
Time Planned: 4 hours
Time Spent: 4 hours, 21 minutes
Favourite Part: using the phrase "banana hammock bathing suit"

Exercise: 51 minute interval run (yes, that one minute is important to me, why do you ask? :)
One Fun Thing I Did Today: I watched 'Corner Gas' while I ate lunch, and I plan to take myself to Tim Horton's for dinner tonight.

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