Thursday, April 10, 2008

A great web site:

Go check out if you like words! For every word you're able to define, they will donate 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program.

It's a fun way to improve your vocabulary and help others at the same time. I've reached level 50 of 55... at that point, sometimes I don't know the meanings of the possible meanings! But I'm enjoying it anyhow!



moonrat said...

i love freerice!!!

Heather Wardell said...

ditto! I found it as part of my 101 in 1001 list making - such a neat concept, that site, and so fun to learn new words!


Heather Wardell said...

The site posted by anonymous is a list of a great many 'donate by clicking' sites - looks good! I'm sticking with freerice so I don't spend hours clicking like some deranged lab rat, but check out the list if you're looking for somewhere to click and donate.

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