Monday, May 12, 2008

101 Update: May 12, 2008

Due to the half marathon yesterday I didn't exactly have time to do this, so here I am now. Unfortunately, it hasn't been the best 101 week. =(

NO, I did not get my freerice total to 62000. I'm at 56500. I did most of that in the first two days, then just stopped.
NO, I did not knit each day. I did probably 7-8 rows over the week, though, which is good but not exactly what we were after.
NO, I did not do well with private #98. I started, but I wasn't doing it the way I meant to. I will restart it today.

YES, I did donate another ten items to charity. Eleven things went out after purging the hall closet.
YES, I did read another author new to me, and review the book.
YES, I did think before I ate. All the time.
YES, I did Week Two of the Artist's Way book's program.
YES, I did private #101.

And isn't that interesting, now that it's all typed in... I feel like I didn't do well at all, and yet I did 5 out of the 8 items. Self-assessment skills need work, apparently!

I was also to keep working on Raoul, finish the rough draft of my Computing Unplugged article, and declutter the hall closet and laundry room. All accomplished. :)

This week, I will:
#1: Get my freerice total to 65000.
#6: Get through one week without swearing. I've gone a bit foul-mouthed lately. Will fix. :)
#26: Donate another ten items to charity.
#38: Read or reread one book from the Random House list of best novels.
#44: Read another author new to me, and review the book.
#55: Knit at least one row whenever I watch TV.
#65: Think before I eat.
#89: Complete Week Three of the Artist's Way book's program.
#98: This private item is a daily task, so I should do it seven times this week.
#101: Do this private item once.

In other areas, I will finish Raoul's outline this week, polish and submit my Computing Unplugged article, and declutter in the kitchen. I will also work to recover from the half marathon, in preparation for the half marathon on May 25th. (Doing two made sense when I signed up. Now, with my legs so stiff I can hardly move...)

A good week awaits! Let's all take advantage of it. :)

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