Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8, 2008: Write now, clean later!

I'd planned to work on Raoul this morning and then spend the afternoon in various decluttering projects and finishing off my article. I did the morning, and was about halfway through creating Raoul's scene list. In the afternoon, I did the article and then felt like working on Raoul.

"No," I said to myself, "you're supposed to be cleaning." And then I realized the foolishness of that. The clutter is nearly all of the hidden variety these days - kitchen cabinets and whatnot - and even if it were teetering piles of junk, why would I put off an urge to write to clean instead?

So I didn't. I spent two more hours on Raoul, I have the scene list finished, and I am ridiculously happy. So a good day!

I was going to put said scene list into Excel, as per the instructions on the Snowflake Method I use to write my books. But in the past, I've had trouble keeping track of little tidbits of dialogue or action, little "ooh, this should happen in this scene" things... so this time, I'm using an outlining program on my Palm called ListPro.

The picture shows the first few scenes. See the little plus sign? It expands to show the tidbits (which I'm not showing YOU... you'll have to read the book when it's done! :) and now I don't have to do my usual method (which involves putting all the bits into an enormous Word file and then scrabbling through it whenever I need something). The code in the note field is to tell me which subplot(s) the scene is covering. I feel so organized. 'All' that's left is to write the book. :)

The Mississauga half marathon is on Sunday. Sure hope I'm ready!

Writing Project: Raoul's planning
Time Planned: 2 hours
Time Spent: 4 hours
Favourite Part: CRAVING doing more

Exercise: scheduled rest day
One Fun Thing I Did Today: played with my new Bluetooth adaptor which I'm using to wirelessly synchronize my Palm. I am a nerd and I love it!

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