Sunday, May 18, 2008

101 Update: May 18, 2008

Yet again, I have overscheduled myself and it came back to bite me. I can't seem to get into my head that four tasks done perfectly is better than eleven scheduled tasks I don't finish. I will try again this week, and since I'm going back to editing Seven this week I will keep the 101 tasks to a dull roar.

NO, I did not get my freerice total to 65000. I had it in my head that the requirement was 62000, so I got there and stopped. Oops.
NO, I did not read a book from the Random House list.

YES, I did read another author new to me, but NO, I have not reviewed the book. I will do that some time this week.
YES, I got through one week without swearing. One more to go. :)
YES, I donated ten items (15, actually) to charity.
YES, I did lots of knitting. I measured the piece this week - April 28th it was 6" long, yesterday it was 10"! I am getting there!!
YES, I did better on the "think before I eat" thing.
YES, I did week 3 of the Artist's Way program.
YES, I did private item #98 seven times.
YES, I did private item #101 once.
And I did private item #100 once of the eleven times I need to do it.

In other areas, I finished Raoul's outline (woo!), submitted my Computing Unplugged article, and decluttered in the kitchen. My legs are recovered from the half marathon, ready for the NEXT one May 25th.

WHY do I always feel like I've had a terrible week on these tasks? I have not. My self-assessment skills are really poor. It's good to have high standards, yes, but I'm constantly beating myself up for stuff I didn't even fail at.

And this week I'll need to have more compassion for myself. It's the final pass through Seven and I have to balance working hard at it with not harassing myself for "all the mistakes you made you could have fixed before".

Given the busy work schedule, I want to keep the 101 tasks restrained. My list:

#1: Add 8000 grains to freerice, for a total of 70000.
#6: Continue the 'not swearing' thing for another week. There have been a few near misses but I caught myself in time. :)
#55: Do at least two rows of knitting daily. I'm now good enough that I can watch TV and knit at the same time, so this is now much less of a chore than before, when I was clinging to it for dear life and focusing so hard I got headaches. I'll also take it in the car for the four-hour (I think) trip to the half marathon and for the hotel room before and after. (During, it's too hard to knit. :)
#65: I'm less than two pounds from a weight number I haven't gone below for a long time, and it's messing with my head. I want to be below that number by the end of May, so I need to lose a pound this week. Make it happen! (I'll burn around 2000 calories at the half marathon, so this should be doable, assuming I don't eat everything around me afterward. Hmm.)
#72: Try something new at Starbucks. Either a new food or new drink.
#89: Week 4 of the Artist's Way program. In the midst of revision, I need the calm and higher-level focus of this program more than ever.
#98: Another seven instances of private #98.
#101: Another one instance of private #101.

This will keep me moving along in the 101 program without being overwhelming (I hope!).

In other areas, I'll revise Seven. There's a kitchen cabinet in dire need of decluttering, and if I need a break I will go there. I will be working on Seven Monday-Friday 10-12, Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons for at least 3 hours, and Tuesday/Thursday afternoons for 1-2 hours. After a two-three hour session, my brain feels like it always did after a hard exam in university, so this is essentially a "two exams a day for five days" scenario. I know I can do it. It's tough, but I can do it.

So I should go get some rest now!

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