Tuesday, May 27, 2008

101 Update: May 27, 2008

Last week was... something. Editing and re-reading Seven and then the half marathon. I am, frankly, beat. But this week is going to be nice and mellow, and then I will write the first words of Raoul starting Monday morning. Woo!

YES, I did get my total rice grains donated up to 70000.
YES, I did continue the 'not swearing' thing. The goal was two weeks: I made it two weeks and about ten minutes before the chaos at the race kit pickup set me off. :)
YES, I did my knitting. Probably not two rows daily, but I did it all the way to Ottawa and most of the way back - it's really coming along!

NO, I don't think I lost a pound. But I don't know. I'm going to take the weight thing off the 'active list' for the next few months for a variety of reasons. My focus instead is eating healthy foods.

YES, I tried something new at Starbucks. Mocha Mint Chip frappuccino. I did like it, but the chips weren't my favourite thing - not a fan of chunks in my beverage. :)
YES, I did week #4 of the Artist's Way.
YES, I did another seven instances of private #98.
YES, I did one instance of private #101.

And, of course, I edited Seven top to bottom, re-read the entire thing, and ran a half marathon. Not a bad week. :)

This week, I will:
#1: add another 8000 grains of rice, for a total of 78000.
#37: donate three books to bookcrossing.com. I had meant to take them to Ottawa but completely forgot, so I will donate them around town.
#43: replace Marian Keyes' "Sushi for Beginners", which I love but can't find anywhere in the house.
#53: fix my wooden polar bear necklace. I have the replacement satin cord, so I just need to sit down and do it.
#55: Knit every day, at least two rows.
#89: Do Week 5 of the Artist's Way program.
#98: do private #98 seven times.
#101: do private #101 once.

In other areas, I am doing whatever workouts feel right to recover from the race, assembling Seven's queries (which I'm sending on May 31st), doing several lessons from an online course I bought, and reviewing Raoul's plans in preparation to start writing Monday.

Looks like a good week to me. :)

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