Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008: I can't uncross my eyes!

I've spent the last two hours in a cycle of emailing myself query letters, checking to see where the little oogies arise (lines breaking in the wrong place, for example), fixing those, emailing myself, fixing the new ones I caused by fixing the original ones, emailing myself... two hours. And I now have two completed queries ready to send out on the weekend. (I'm actually happy about this - I expected to only have one finished. :)

Raoul went off on a tangent today as I was reviewing its outline. Basically, I thought of a way to reverse the roles of the male and female main characters. I find it difficult when a huge book-changing idea hits me like this - I'm never sure whether to run with it or not. I'm leaning toward 'not' in this case, because it'll take away a big part of what I wanted to explore, but I'm not completely there yet. It's going to percolate until Friday morning and we'll see then!

I walked to and from the grocery store today and the post-race soreness seems to be nearly gone. Tomorrow I'll try the elliptical machine, and if that doesn't destroy me I'll get back into running. I'm doing a ten-mile race July 13th (yes, the day before my birthday :) so I don't have a lot of time to get ready again. I must like being busy, I guess!

Writing Project: Raoul's outline review and Seven's queries
Time Planned: 2 for Raoul, 3 for Seven
Time Spent: 2 for Raoul, 3.25 for Seven (lost track of time and honestly didn't hear the Palm signaling the end of the session)
Favourite Part: seeing a few areas to deepen Raoul

Exercise: walk to the grocery store
One Fun Thing I Did Today: spent time in City of Villains (online game) making costumes for my characters. Seriously, such a nerd. :)

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