Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008: Raoul is... dare I say it...

I think Raoul is planned. Yes, I really do. I see a flow through it, see the conflict building up the way I want, and I still love it. :)

Tomorrow I will go through the scene list line by line and make completely sure each belongs. If they do, it's ready.

But I'm not ready to write it. :) I need to go through Seven one more time before it goes out to agents in late May/early June, and I'm considering also going through Polar Bear once more as well so if agents say, "I like your writing but what else have you got?" I'll have Polar Bear. On the other hand, I could give them the outline for Raoul. So we shall see.

Regardless, I expect to be writing the first words of Raoul by mid-June, and that's a great feeling given that not too long ago I had no good story idea and no idea where to find one. :)

Writing Project: Raoul
Time Planned: 2 hours
Time Spent: 2 hours
Favourite Part: re-reading the longer summary and loving it

Exercise: 30 minute run (was supposed to be 45, but my shins are apparently still unimpressed by the half marathon :)
One Fun Thing I Did Today: last night I read a tip on how to knit more quickly. Tried it today and it works! I may just have that sweater (currently about 8 inches long) done by Christmas after all!

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