Sunday, June 1, 2008

101 in 1001 update: June 1, 2008

I am now 101 days into the 101 project. That means I'm a tenth of the way through the time. Am I a tenth of the way through the tasks? I have nine finished. Not quite a tenth, but really not bad!

Last week's results:

YES, I got my free rice total to 78000 grains.
YES, I replaced my lost but much-loved copy of Marian Keyes' "Sushi for Beginners". I need to pick a time to sit down and read it. It must not be rushed. :)
YES, I knit. I didn't do it Saturday because I played video games with Mr. W instead of watching TV, but I did more than two rows each of the other days, so I'm counting it!
YES, I did Week 5 of the Artist's Way program. I have two tasks left, which I will do tonight.
YES, I did private #98 7 times.
YES, I did private #101 once.

NO, I did not release three books via, largely because I didn't leave the house much (Seven's queries + Raoul's planning + recovery from half-marathon = staying home!)
NO, I didn't fix my wooden polar bear necklace. I tried, but the satin cord I bought is too thick. Grr. Will try again this week.

Not bad!

I am starting Raoul's first draft tomorrow (Whee! Can't wait to get in there :) so the 101 list will be a little shorter. Shorter, but no less pulchritudinous (which free rice tells me means 'beautiful', which is funny because it sounds like it's something ugly).

This week:
#1: Another 8000 grains on free, to get me to 86000
#4: Add thirteen things to the list of "things that make me happy", so I have lots of ideas for short breaks/rewards during the writing process.
#26: Donate another seven items to charity (I'm planning to clean out the kitchen cabinet that holds all the spare mugs we never use - seven should be a breeze!)
#37: Get those three books out to bookcrossing.
#53: Fix my wooden polar bear necklace, after I buy better/thinner replacement cord!
#55: Knit the sweater of doom on Tuesday-Saturday (Monday is craziness this week)
#77: Attempt to toilet train the cat. She's a) stubborn b) possibly smarter than me, so it should be interesting. This week, I'll just move the litter box into the bathroom and make sure she uses it.
#89: Artist's Way, week six.
#98: private task, complete seven times
#101: private task, complete once

Actually a fairly solid list, given I'll also be writing every day. I can do it, though. And if not, at least I got closer than I would have without the list.

Progress, not perfection, and all that. :)

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