Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2, 2008: 2 scenes down, 83 to go!

I had a lovely first day with Raoul. Writing the first words on a new project is always strange: how does the point-of-view character sound? what kinds of words does she use/not use? But Tess is coming through for me quite clearly, and it just flowed. I hand-write my first drafts (something that started in Seven's first draft) and then re-type them, so today's scenes aren't quite all typed in, but I like them a lot!

I only had two hours to work today, since I worked at my bi-monthly mall job and then had band practice. Tomorrow, I'll write again for two hours in the morning (10-12 is my best writing time) and then do all the typing in the afternoon. Can't wait to spend more time with it!

Writing Project: Seven's first draft
Time Planned: 2 hours plus half an hour for typing in
Time Spent: 2 hours plus 80 minutes for typing in
Favourite Part: starting to see things through Tess's eyes

Exercise: 45 minute run, at faster pace - tough but I did it!
One Fun Thing I Did Today: I bought Blizzards on the way home from band practice, and now Mr. W and I are going to play City of Villains on a sugar high. Whee!

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