Monday, June 16, 2008

101 in 1001 update: June 16, 2008

The shortened list, oddly, isn't as encouraging as the long one. Somehow having only a few items on the list makes me not want to do them. I am a strange beast. However, I did get nearly everything done, which is great.

In fact, the only two that didn't get done:
- add seven thousand words to my free rice total, to get me to 93,000. - I DID get to 90,000, though.
- knit whenever I'm watching television and not eating dinner. - I did knit once, I think, but I actually hardly watched any television so it was hard to remember. I can't quite bring myself to make "watch more TV so I knit more" a goal. :)

YES, I did:

- add eight things to the list of "things that make me happy", to get me to 35.
- raise the litter box in the bathroom and pray Sapphire doesn't decide to go on strike. (So far, no strikes.)
- take the camera to my parents' on Sunday for a "two birthdays and Father's Day" celebration. Take at least one picture. (I took lots of pictures, which will shortly be on Facebook. Here's a picture Mr. W took of me, apparently deeply moved by my own Guitar Hero playing. My father? Less moved. :)
- do Artist's Way Week 7.
- do private #101 once this week.

I also:
- wrote another 12,000 and change words on Raoul
- visited the doctor, had my car checked out, and got a haircut
- made a crocheted string bag, which is part of item #50.

This upcoming week, I will:
- add 8,000 grains to my free rice total to get me to 101,000
- 'release' the five books sitting on my desk to BookCrossing.
- read another book by an author new to me. Not sure what book yet. We shall see what I find on the shelves or on my Palm.
- knit at least two rows daily on the sweater of doom (for which the back is nearly finished... just need the front pieces and the sleeves...)
- raise the litter box even higher, and halfway through the week put it on top of the toilet, as per the training instructions.

It's again something of a short list, but knowing I'll be spending at least 3-4 hours a day on Raoul, I don't want to cram in too much stuff. I think it'll do. :)

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