Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008: Flowing

I was expecting today, particularly this afternoon, to be aggravating. My car needed an oil change and its emission test before I could renew its registration, and the dealership wanted to keep it all afternoon. The dealership 45 minutes from home. I packed up my Palm, loaded with eBooks, Raoul's manuscript, and my latest online course, along with a few other books and a notebook, and hoped for the best.

I had a fabulous afternoon. I went to a lovely coffee shop, which was so peaceful unlike my usual Starbucks, and ate a luscious slice of chocolate banana cake and drank a caramel latte (which I suspect had pretty much a lethal dose of caffeine; 6 hours later and I'm still buzzing). I did Raoul's edits from the morning's writing, looked at the course, and just stared out the window and relaxed. I'm glad I let the day just unfold: it couldn't have been better. Sometimes you just have to let things flow.

And the car aced its test too!

Writing Project:
Time Planned: 2 hours plus editing (I did the morning's writing on the computer so I wouldn't have the "when am I going to type this in?" blues in the afternoon)
Time Spent: 2 hours plus maybe another hour - time passed oddly at the coffee shop :)
Favourite part: seeing the relationship between Tess and her best friend develop

Exercise: 45 minutes elliptical
One Fun Thing I Did Today: enjoyed my afternoon with no stress

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