Sunday, June 22, 2008

101 in 1001 update: June 22, 2008

I've been working hard on other things (16,000 words on Raoul this week!) so the 101 tasks have sort of... fallen by the wayside. I have done things, of course, but not to the level I'd meant to.

I'm actually starting to think I might convert the list into multiple "10 things to do in 101 days" lists - the long time frame of the original seems to promote a "yeah, yeah, later" mentality. But we will see. Not all tasks are conducive to that, which makes it tricky.

NO, I did not add 8,000 grains to my free rice total to get me to 101,000 (and in fact, given that I was at 90,000 last week, even if I HAD done the 8,000 I wouldn't have reached 101,000). Current total: 93,200
NO, I did not release five books to BookCrossing. I did three, though, and two more are prepped and ready to go.
NO, I did not knit at least two rows daily on the sweater of doom. I didn't want to, and it's become something I HAVE to do not something I WANT to do, so I did maybe two rows all week and then set it aside.

YES, I did read. I read "Mindless Eating" by Brian Wansink (as an eBook on my Palm, while on the treadmill and elliptical). Fascinating and well-written!
YES, the litter box is now on top of the toilet. Sapphire is doing her job.

This week, I will:
- add seven thousand grains of rice, to put me just over 100,000 grains.
- make plans to celebrate July as my birth month, doing at least one fun/interesting/different thing each week of the month. Feel free to email/facebook-message me with suggestions!
- donate the last two books to bookcrossing
- read another author I've never read before, again most likely as an eBook
- finish my third string grocery bag
- knit through at least one movie with Mr. W (at home, not at the theatre :)
- mid-week, remove Sapphire's litter box and replace it with litter in a bowl in the toilet, then hope for the best.
- do week 9 of the Artist's Way book
- return to private item #101, which fell by the wayside this week because I forgot to put it on last week's list!

In other news:
- ten more Raoul-writing hours, plus whatever time in the afternoon to polish it up
- progress on Margie Lawson's EDITS course
- finish re-reading Donald Maass's Breakout Novel book
- revise the training schedule for the 10-mile race, since I'm having trouble finishing the runs without stomach problems (I'll spare you the details :)

The year is nearly half over. I am pleased with what I've done thus far...
  • Revised "Polar Bear" in January
  • Finished revised draft of "Seven" by end of February
  • After a good month of struggles ('good' meaning possibly longer, not a reflection on the quality and enjoyment of said time) found the concept for Raoul
  • Created a career plan for myself
  • Trained for and ran two half marathons
  • Locked in the 101 in 1001 list and did weekly updates
  • Finished "Seven"'s edit
  • Created "Raoul"'s outline
  • Completed Margie Lawson's "Empowering Characters' Emotions" course
  • Polished "Seven" to feedback and did final re-read
  • 41,000 words on "Raoul"'s first draft
  • Sent out initial queries for "Seven"
  • Wrote five articles for Computing Unplugged from Jan-June
It actually looks quite impressive all written out! I keep this information listed in my Palm but not as concisely as this - I will keep it this way from now on, as it'll do wonders for the "ack, it's July and I've done nothing, NOTHING, all year! Why am I so freakin' lazy?" blues. :)

Have a great week!

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