Monday, June 30, 2008

101 in 1001 update: June 30, 2008

The year's half over. I don't know how the time moves so fast!

This was a decent week, 101-wise.

YES, I did add seven thousand grains of rice, to put me at 100,000 grains. It appears to have zeroed my counter after that, which is saddening because I LOVED seeing that number go up, but it's okay. I know I've done the 100,000. Onward for the next 100,000!
YES, I have made plans to celebrate July as my birth month, doing at least one fun/interesting/different thing each week of the month. This week's plans are fairly solid; later weeks are downright squishy, but they'll come along.
YES, I read another author I've never read before, again most likely as an eBook. This time, it was Laurell K. Hamilton's "Guilty Pleasures", the first of her Anita Blake books. I was... underwhelmed. Quite early on, Anita did something I thought was insane (deliberately put herself on stage with a vampire) for no reason I could understand, and after that I kept wanting to yell at her. BUT the notion of vampires as publicly recognized figures is neat, and I might end up reading another of her books. Or not. But I read one, and that counts!
YES, I knit through at least one movie with Mr. W (at home, not at the theatre :) - "Andromeda Strain". A few plot holes you could drive a mid-sized sedan through, but still entertaining. And the back of the sweaer is nearly done!
YES, I did week 9 of the Artist's Way book.
YES, I did private item #101.

AS WELL, I donated 26 items to charity (at least, I will once I take the box down to the car) (task #26), and did one selfish and one unselfish thing (#22 and 23).

NO, I did not remove Sapphire's litter box and replace it with litter in a bowl in the toilet, then hope for the best. I's ascared. I'll try again this week!
NO, I did not finish my third string grocery bag. I forgot all about the little weasel. I shouldn't have two craft-related tasks on the same week, because if I'm doing one I'm not doing the other. Will finish it tomorrow.
NO, I did not donate the last two books to bookcrossing, largely because I kept forgetting to take them with me. Will do this week.

SO, not too bad!

This week is now only a few days, really, since I took today off with Mr. W and will do the same tomorrow. Hence, this week's list really must be short. Like, REALLY short. I do like working and need to be busy, but I'd also rather refrain from a complete breakdown. So, fine line.

This week, I will:
- donate my bookcrossing books, quite likely at the gym and when I go for a run outside.
- finish my string bag (on July 1st, while watching TV with Mr. W)
- move into the "litter box gone, bowl in the toilet" stage of toilet training the cat
- do Artist's Way week 10
- do private #101
- add 5,000 to my free rice total, to get me to 105,000
- read another new author
- finish the back piece of the sweater of doom
- babysit R and B on Friday night. They're great kids so it shouldn't be scary. It is, though. :)
- follow through on my July plans for a great birthmonth

Feels like a lot but it's not, really.

In other areas, I will:
- keep training for the 10-mile race on July 13
- write Raoul
- work on the EDITS course
- try to keep breathing :)

Have a great week, and Happy Canada Day!

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